The Top 10 Interior Design Trends in 2024

As we welcome the new year, it is clear that interior design will continue to evolve and adapt to new trends and innovations. From bold colors to sleek minimalism, staying on top of the latest design trends is essential to creating a space that feels modern in both style and function. Keep reading to take a deep dive into the top 10 interior design trends for 2024, and learn how they can be incorporated into your home.
The Top 10 Interior Design Trends in 2024

1. Smart Toilets

One trend that's sure to make a big impact in 2024 is the rise of smart toilets. While you might not think there's much to get excited about when it comes to toilets, the latest innovations in smart home technology has transformed these simple fixtures into true game-changers for the modern bathroom. With American Standard’s SpaLet Bidet Toilet and Toilet Seat collection, you can enjoy features including adjustable water temperature, heated seat, and warm air dryer for a transformative bathroom experience everyday.

Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet Bidet Toilet

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2. Warm Neutrals

Another trend that's making its mark in 2024 is the emergence of warm neutrals as the go-to color palette for modern interiors. While stark white has been dominating interior design for the past few years, warm neutrals offer a more inviting and comforting feel, without sacrificing elegance or sophistication. Shades such as taupe and warm grey are perfect for creating a cozy yet stylish vibe, and work great when paired with natural materials like wood, stone, and metal. Another great way to introduce warm tones into a space is through gold finishes that create a cozy and yet elevated atmosphere. Our new Brushed Cool Sunrise finish, available across several collections including the Town Square S Bathroom Collection, brings luxurious comfort to the space.

3. Mixing Metals

Gone are the days of using the same finish across an entire kitchen or bathroom. In 2024, we celebrate the bold act of mixing metals to create a unique and contemporary aesthetic. Experiment with contrasting finishes such as brass, copper, and gold, to add depth and visual interest to a classic polished chrome or a bold matte black. When you’re working on your next home refresh or renovation, consider choosing a different faucet finish from your lighting fixture or using a unique finish for accessories to add dimension to your space.

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4. Multi-Functional Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are no longer limited to their mundane purposes. In 2024, they transform into multi-functional spaces that maximize efficiency and convenience. Imagine a laundry room that also serves as a mudroom, a home office, or a craft station. With smart storage solutions, folding tables that double as ironing boards, and integrated technology that streamlines laundry tasks, the modern laundry room becomes a versatile hub that enhances your daily life routines. 

PRO TIP: Introduce a professional kitchen faucet into your space, such as our Studio S Semi Pro Kitchen Faucet for an efficient and durable addition to your laundry room. Equipped with a pull-down spray head and high arc, this will ensure a simpler cleaning experience when focusing on the hard-to-reach areas in the sink, hand-washing delicate clothes, or filling large buckets of water.

5. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Design

Sustainability takes the spotlight this new year as eco-friendly design becomes a priority in the home. Embrace reclaimed wood, recycled textiles, and energy-efficient fixtures to create a beautiful and environmentally conscious space. American Standard’s WaterSense certified fixtures are designed to deliver optimal performance while conserving water. From faucets to toilets, each WaterSense certified product not only contributes to sustainable living but also helps reduce water bills without compromising on quality or style.

6. Smart Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element in any design scheme, and in 2024, smart lighting takes center stage. Smart bulbs and fixtures allow you to control the color, intensity, and even the timing of your lighting effortlessly. Automatically set the mood with warm, cozy lighting in the evenings or brighten your mornings with invigorating radiance. Smart lighting enhances both aesthetics and functionality, contributing to a well-designed and enjoyable living space.

7. Timeless Style

In a world where trends come and go, timeless style will always remain relevant. Think elegant furniture, refined color palettes, and a focus on quality over quantity in regard to home fixtures. A perfect example is American Standard's Estate Bathroom Collection. From the sleek and versatile faucets to the sophisticated bathtubs, the Estate Bathroom Collection offers homeowners the opportunity to create a bathroom that exudes beauty and traditional elegance. Incorporating this collection into your bathroom design not only ensures a stylish space, but also provides a worthy investment that will stand strong amidst ever-evolving trends.

8. Checkerboard Tile

Back in the day, checkerboard tiles were a staple in the home, and in 2024 they're making a comeback for good reason. Checkerboard tiles encourage creativity and add a playful touch to any space, whether it be a kitchen, bathroom, or foyer. They're perfect for creating a bold statement, and depending on the size and colour, can infuse a vintage or modern flair to the room. 

9. Spathroom

You may now be asking yourself what we mean by ‘spathroom’. A spathroom is a bathroom that doubles as a spa-like retreat, complete with soaking tubs, smart showers, sauna rooms, and more. This trend is perfect for those who want to transform their bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary for unwinding after a long day. With the right design elements, like American Standard’s Spectra Filtered Hand Shower System you can create a spathroom that is dreamy yet practical. This innovative hand shower helps keep your skin and hair healthy by reducing up to 50% of chlorine in your shower water with its easy-to-change filter, so you can pamper yourself from head to toe.

PRO TIP: Add eucalyptus to your shower for spa-like aromatherapy that promotes wellness and relaxation. 


10. Beverage Stations

If you're a coffee, tea, smoothie, or juice lover, a beverage station is a must-have in your home. This trend focuses on creating a stylish and functional area that is dedicated solely to making your favorite drinks and treating guests with elevated entertainment. Think sleek coffee and espresso machines, tea boxes filled with endless options, bowls of fresh fruit for pressing, and filtered kitchen faucets. American Standard’s Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet dispenses clean, fresh drinking water by reducing harmful chemicals, at the simple push of a button. The easy-to-install filter can be placed above-the-deck for quick replacement or hidden away on the inside wall of your cabinet.

From smart toilets and warm neutrals to sustainable design practices and multi-functional spaces, these 2024 interior design trends redefine modern living. Try incorporating these innovations into your home to create an environment that balances style, practicality, and efficiency for the ultimate setup.

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