Sebastian Clovis’ Must-Haves for a Master Bathroom Remodel

Let's cut to the chase - a master bathroom is a place that serves us in some of the most intimate ways. It is the only room in the house that is 100% communal, but at the same time 100% private. 

That makes it a unique space in that it needs to serve everybody as an open room, but when you close that door, it becomes your retreat. Let's think about it; bathrooms are used for more than just showering, brushing your teeth and answering nature's call. Bathrooms are also used to escape for a brief mental break from life or a place to practice for a big conversation. Some people use the bathroom mirror for positive self-talk. My point is that a bathroom is more than just the utilitarian room many people think of it as. When you think about it, it's an interesting and intimate room. Here are my personal tips to creating a great one.

Set the Mood with Multi-Switch Lighting
Create a multi-switch lighting plan that caters to varying moods and functions. In general, I like to have central lights for the whole room and then more lighting directly next to the mirror. This makes daily grooming rituals that much easier. I also like to put another light in the shower and one over the bathtub to prevent any slips or falls. By having these all on separate switches and with dimmers, you'll be able to set any mood you need to experience utmost relaxation. 

Don’t Forget the Fan
A high CFM, low sone fan is imperative because it's going to do you the favour of extracting mould-producing steam out of your bathroom without sounding like you're standing next to a jet engine. 

No Noise, No Problem
Installing sound insulation in the bathroom walls is essential. It limits you from hearing what's going on outside, as well as whoever is outside, from hearing inside. Both of these services will add to your serenity levels as you use the facilities. 

Water-Saving Systems
A great bathroom shouldn't just be built for self-indulgence; the environment should also be considered. An easy way to do that is by installing products that limit the amount of water they use, such as the Studio S Right Height Elongated Low-Profile Toilet with Seat. A tankless design with a clean, unobtrusive profile. 

A Spa-Like Oasis
Many master bathrooms have a shower and a tub, but a great one has them separated. There is a world of difference between sitting in a tub/shower combo vs. sitting in a beautiful free-standing soaker tub such as the Studio S Oval Freestanding Soaking Tub. A tub with a deep seamless design and center drain to allow for a relaxing soak from either end. 

A Calming Space
An excellent place for some wild colours and graphic wallpapers is in a powder room, but when you're choosing your wall/tile treatments for the master bath, think calm, serene thoughts. Moody is okay, but I would stay away from anything too bold, unless of course that's your jam, in which case… go for it! 

Finalize the Fixtures
Lastly, a truly great master bathroom has timeless faucets with a beautiful silhouette that adds interest to the space. You just can't go wrong with the Studio S Widespread Bathroom Faucet! Available in three sleek finishes - Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Matte Black, this water-saving faucet is sure to add beauty to any space.

These are some of the considerations I make when I design and build bathrooms, and so far, I've been quite successful. Enjoy Folks!

And thank you, American Standard for designing sustainable and beautiful products that make my job that much easier. 

Sebastian Clovis is a Canadian television personality and former Canadian Football League player, who took his pro-athlete work ethic, team spirit, and desire to build to launch his home renovation business. Sebastian’s passion for building stems from the ability to be physical, creative, and helpful every single day. As a host on HGTV Canada’s Tackle My Reno, Home To Win and $ave My Reno, Sebastian’s love and passion for all things home reno is extremely apparent.

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