How To Choose A Toilet

The right toilet can drastically improve your bathroom experience however choosing a new toilet can be overwhelming. With so many features, configurations, and styles available, you want to make sure you’re selecting the right toilet to suit all your needs. Here are the top things to consider when buying a new toilet so you can make the final choice with confidence.
acticlean touchless toilet

Step 1: Learn About New Toilet Innovations

There is a constant stream of new innovations that make toilets work harder, last longer, and stay cleaner than ever before, and American Standard has placed itself at the forefront of leading toilet technology.
Self-cleaning toilets, for example, save you time by cutting out the need to do one of the most undesired chores in the house. American Standard’s ActiClean Self-Cleaning Toilet uses a cleaning solution combined with our powerful VorMax flushing system and featuring both a Quick Clean and Deep Clean cycle, for a bowl that’s sparkling clean at the touch of a button. 

Our innovative touchless toilet technology is also helping to keep one of the most germ-infected places in the bathroom clean. With just one hand wave over the sensor to trigger the flush, our touchless toilets like the Studio Touchless Skirted Elongated Toilet offers a hand-free experience that will keep your bathroom looking and feeling clean.
We all know that water cleans more thoroughly than paper, and there’s no better tidy-upper than a SpaLet bidet. This refreshing technology is easy to install, easy to use and available in three affordable seat models to meet and exceed your cleanliness expectations.
American Standard also offers a wide range of toilets featuring our unique EverClean® Surface. This ultra-smooth coating with antimicrobial properties is fired into all glazed surfaces of the toilet for a super smooth, mirror-like finish that stays cleaner longer. 
vormax toilet

Step 2: Consider A Toilet That Can Help Save Water

Not only is water conservation important to the environment, it can also help save you money on your water bill each month. Standard toilets now flush at a rate of 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf), which is less than 50% of the water used by older 3.5 gpf toilets. With advances in hydraulic designs, these 1.6 gpf toilets work as well, if not better, than older toilets in terms of bulk removal and reducing clogs

High-Efficiency Toilets (HETs), like American Standard’s Cadet® PRO Compact Elongated Toilet, flush at a rate of 1.28 gallons per flush, saving 20% more water than their 1.6 gpf counterparts.Ultra-High Efficiency Toilets (UHETs) flush at rates as low as 1.0 gpf, without sacrificing performance, making toilets like the VorMax® Two-Piece Chair Height Elongated Toilet the ultimate in water-saving toilets. 
Dual-Flush Toilets bring the best of both worlds, with an option for either a full or partial flush. 
Different parts of the country have different water conservation issues. Use of a dual-flush, HET, or UHET toilet may qualify you for a rebate in your area. Not only will you save money, without sacrificing on performance, but you may even get paid to do it!
colony toilet

Step 3: Choose The Right Configuration For Your Bathroom

There are several different configurations of toilets to suit different needs, and selecting the right one will ensure that the toilet has the right look and design for your bathroom. 

One-piece toilets are actually six to ten individual pieces sculpted into a single, seamless unit with both tank and bowl already attached. The result is a sleek, hand-crafted toilet with no crevices between the tank and bowl to collect dirt and odors. 

Two-piece toilets have a separate tank and bowl which are bolted together upon installation. All of the American Standard bowls have a “sanitary dam” – a raised chinaware pier at the back of the bowl – where the tank is bolted. The raised area ensures that offending materials can be cleaned off and will not accumulate between the bowl and tank.

Round-front toilets feature a bowl with a more compact design, perfect for fitting in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms, whereas elongated toilets have a bowl that extends out further with extra room in the front for added comfort. Compact elongated toilets are available with an elongated shape that fits into the same space as a round-front toilet.  
cadet toilet

Step 4: Determine The Rough-In And Size Requirements

Toilets come in various sizes, so make sure to check the tank height, bowl shape and rough-in dimension of your available space. Most toilets bolt to the floor 12-inches from the wall (not counting the baseboard), but American Standard offers toilets with a variety of rough-in sizes to work with your bathroom size and layout.

Learn more about how to measure for a replacement toilet.
cadet right height toilet

Step 5: Consider A Chair-Height Toilet For Added Comfort

The traditional toilet bowl rim height is about 15-inches from the floor, with the seat ring adding another ½ to 1-inch of height, but many find a taller toilet bowl is more comfortable. American Standard offers Right Height or Chair Height toilets with a rim height of 16-1/2 inches from the floor to suit your comfort and accessibility needs.
champion toilet

Step 6: Choose The Right Flushing System

The bathroom gets a lot of use each day, and when selecting a new toilet, you want to make sure that it performs to the highest standards. Choosing a toilet with superior flushing performance can help eliminate clogs as well as dirt in the bowl for a consistently clean bathroom. American Standard offers a variety of flushing systems in a range of pricing and functionality so that you can find the perfect solution for your bathroom. 

The VorMax Flushing System features a powerful jet that scrubs the entire bowl, removing everything in its path. VorMax Flush Technology is proven to clean two times better than conventional toilets for a flush you can trust.

The Champion® Flushing System has the industry’s largest flush valve and an extra-wide trapway that is virtually clog-free so you'll never have to plunge again! The Champion Toilet Collection is not only strong but also efficient, saving you both water and money.

The Cadet Flushing System has a larger siphonic trapway and a larger flush valve for higher performance and fewer clogs. What's more, it's easy-to-clean design makes the Cadet Collection ideal for medium to high use bathrooms. 
bathroom interior design

Step 7: Match The Toilet To Your Bathroom Design Style

To create a cohesive space, consider the design style of your bathroom when selecting a toilet. If you have a more traditional, transitional, or modern flair, there are toilet options for every look.
Traditional bathrooms typically feature two-piece toilets with classic styling for a timeless look. Fixtures like American Standard’s Town Square® S Two-Piece Chair Height Elongated Toilet uses faceted edges to capture the classic aesthetic.

Transitional bathrooms typically utilize a more contemporary design, similar to that of our Boulevard® One-Piece Dual Flush Chair Height Elongated Toilet which features a classic shape with clean lines for an up-to-date aesthetic.

Modern bathrooms may call for a one-piece or two-piece toilet with smooth lines and geometric flair. Like the Studio S Collection’s Low Profile Toilet or Two Piece Elongated Toilet, you will often find a skirted or concealed trapway that eliminates little crannies for dust to collect and creates a sleek silhouette that will become the centerpiece of the bathroom.

Learn more about American Standard’s toilets here.

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