The Benefits of Water Filtration

Water is essential to our survival and affects us every day, whether it’s for drinking, cleaning, showering, or cooking. Each of these daily tasks require clean water in order to provide a safe environment in our homes, and especially in our bodies. Despite the comparatively good standard of water we have available, it may still unfortunately contain harmful impurities. In the case of tap water, odors, heavy metals and cleansing chemicals such as chlorine often remain present, causing unpleasant smells and tastes. In addition to these disadvantages, there can even be adverse health effects associated with regular tap water consumption containing these harmful contaminants.

Even if your water is free of contaminants, mineral deposits can potentially cause damage to your plumbing and appliances over time, while also causing dry and irritated skin. By installing water filtration systems in your home, you can enjoy the peace-of-mind in knowing that your water will be safer for you and your family. At American Standard, we strongly believe that water filtration is essential, which is why we’ve developed state-of-the-art filtration systems for both the kitchen and bathroom. Still feeling unsure about water filtration systems? We’ve broken down the top 4 benefits of water filtration below, while providing you with our top filtered fixture recommendations:

1. Healthier Showers & Baths

While most people often associate the importance of water filtration with their drinking water, what they don’t realize is that it is equally as important to consider the water that they’re bathing and showering in. With your body still absorbing harmful contaminants through the skin, it’s crucial to consider water filtration when bathing as well. Chemicals like chlorine, even at levels deemed safe, can cause skin irritation and dryness by depriving the body of its natural oils. 

With shower filtration systems such as American Standard’s Spectra Filtered Hand Shower System, chlorine levels in your shower water are reduced by 50%, preventing dry, itchy and irritated skin. Not only will this filtered shower system allow you to enjoy healthier skin and hair, but it is also shown to prevent or improve health conditions such as asthma. Built directly into the sleek rail system, the filter is extremely easy to change and eliminates the need for a bulky and inconvenient add-on filter. 

2. Safer Drinking Water

Unsure if the tap water in your home contains harmful contaminants? Unfortunately, even if your water comes from a water treatment plant, it can still contain contaminants like lead, with chemicals like fluoride and chlorine often being added as well. In addition to lead in drinking water being a serious public health concern for many Canadians, chlorine and small particulates can give tap water an unpleasant taste.

With American Standard’s Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet, you’ll experience superior convenience and healthy, clean filtered water with the simple push of a button. As a leader in providing solutions for better living and increased well-being, this kitchen faucet reduces 99.7% of lead, 96.9% of chlorine, and 92.6% of class I particulates* from your tap water. By featuring an LED indicator light, you’ll be notified as soon as the filter needs a replacement, ensuring your water is always clean and fresh-tasting. Are you worried about having to deal with a difficult-to-change filtration system? Thankfully, this innovative design allows for a quick, above-the-deck filter replacement so that you no longer need to worry about reaching under the sink.

3. Better for the Environment

Plastic water bottles pose a big threat to our environment, most ending up in landfills where they can take hundreds of years to begin decomposition. Many plastic water bottles also contain harmful chemicals that can potentially seep into the water inside, introducing additional contaminants into your body. Installing a filtered faucet will provide you with clean and better tasting water without affecting the environment. 

As an Earth-friendly alternative, one of our faucet filters provides the same amount of clean drinking water as 2,795 (16.9oz) plastic water bottles. With our Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet, you can now instantly reduce your reliance on plastic water bottles, heavy 5-gallon jugs, and bulky external filters, making life better for you and better for the environment.
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4. Better for your Plumbing & Fixtures

Believe it or not, harmful minerals in your tap water (not to mention the dangerous contaminants that can also be present) can build up over time and wreak havoc on your home plumbing system. A chemical reaction, known as corrosion, can occur in plumbing materials that contain lead. This typically involves the dissolving or wearing away of metals from the pipes and fixtures. By having filtered water flowing through your pipes, this can help your plumbing system last much longer, reducing the costs that can accrue from plumbing and fixture repairs.

It’s time to easily reduce harmful contaminants and raise a glass to cleaner and healthier water. Visit the links below to learn more about our filtered product offerings. 
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