How to renovate your kitchen like a pro with Sebastian Clovis

The kitchen is an interesting room for many reasons, but it also typically happens to be the most expensive space to build. For that reason alone, having a well-thought-out plan before you attempt a kitchen renovation is a must. 

The most important thing to figure out first, in my opinion, is not what the aesthetic is going to be, (we can choose slabs and tiles later) but instead what the layout will be. How are we going to maximize the use of space you have in a way that functions for your living situation? I often will start with simple questions like, how many people will be using the kitchen? This will inform us of simple things like how much storage is needed, which varies between, say, an empty nester and a family of 7. Here are some additional questions I like to consider before pulling the ripcord:

  • How often do you cook or entertain? Are you the go-to thanksgiving dinner chef in the family, or are you someone who prefers quick microwavable meals?
  • Do you need dining space in the kitchen?
  • What are your must-haves? This will be a useful question to ask when developing an appropriate budget plan.
  • What will be on display? What will need to be stored away when not in use?

I’ve put together tips to help you through the design process, so that whether you’re building new or remodeling your old kitchen, your dream kitchen won’t be far out of reach.

1. Cooking Ventilation
A high CFM range hood that vents outside is necessary to pull the smell of herbs and spices out of the kitchen, rather than having them settle into the clothes and upholstery around the house.

2. Lighting Plan
A well-thought-out lighting plan with some bells and whistles is definitely in order. You need plenty of light in your kitchen to prep food, cook and clean, so under cabinet lighting goes without saying, but what about drawer lights, glass cabinet display lights, and island baseboard lights? The kitchen can be a beautiful space, and the lights serve to amplify it.


3. Hidden Appliances

Hidden refrigerators, dishwashers, garbage disposal units, pet feeding stations, and appliance garages are all integral to today’s surging tendency to create clean and uncluttered spaces. I strongly believe that the side of the refrigerator should be seen on delivery day, but once installed, never again lol.

4. Water Filtration

A filtered drinking water dispenser like the Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet is of utmost importance to me. This faucet reduces 99.7% of lead, 96.9% of chlorine and 92.6% of class I particulates from your tap water at the push of a button, and is an absolute must-have for you and your family’s health and well-being. 

5. Electrical Outlets

Countertop/island sockets with USB ports are a great touch seeing as a lot of time is spent in the kitchen, and having somewhere designated as a charging area is good for organizational touch.

6. Storage Solutions

Great storage solutions, in particular, having plenty of drawers, will allow you to stay well-organized and provide you with easy access to all of your kitchen necessities. I prefer drawers as they allow you to find everything you need without having to worry about not being able to see items located way in the back (like with cabinets). There are also various corner cabinet storage solutions so that you don’t waste a square inch of that storage space.

I hope that you all learned a thing or two about how to renovate your kitchen like a pro! Now, I know I haven’t even mentioned countertops, backsplashes, floors, cabinet doors, hardware or paint colours, but… I have to save something for the next blog post! ;)

Sebastian Clovis is a Canadian television personality and former Canadian Football League player, who took his pro-athlete work ethic, team spirit, and desire to build to launch his home renovation business. Sebastian’s passion for building stems from the ability to be physical, creative, and helpful every single day. As a host on HGTV Canada’s Tackle My Reno, Home To Win and $ave My Reno, Sebastian’s love and passion for all things home reno is extremely apparent.

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