The Top Fixtures for a Modern Bathroom

If you've been living with a dated bathroom, modern fixtures and decor may be top of mind for your next renovation project. Choosing the right fixtures that compliment not only your design but also your lifestyle can be tricky and overwhelming. To help achieve your goals, we've put together a list of our top fixtures that will be sure to breathe new life and a modern flair into your bathroom.

1. Faucets

Bathroom faucets are widely known as the “crown jewel” of bathroom designs. Similar to lighting fixtures, faucets bring the necessary sparkle and flair to these functional spaces so it’s important to shop strategically:

studio s faucet in matte black

Studio S Faucets

The Studio S Bathroom Collection is a full-suite solution inspired by the cool, modern look of urban spaces. Featuring faucets, sinks, toilets, shower systems, vanities and accessories, this collection draws you in with its sleek lines, minimalist appeal and high quality finishes. 

The Studio S Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Lever Handles is a metropolitan update for modern bathrooms with its simple yet elegant design. WaterSense certified, this eco-conscious faucet saves up to 32% on water when compared to standard faucets, and the handles operate smoothly with drip-free performance you can rely on for years to come.
lez faucet in matte black

Lez Faucet

If you’re on the market for a more mainstream faucet option, the Lez Single Hole Bathroom Faucet is the perfect solution. Featuring a sleek and modern single-handle design and metal construction built for durability and dependability, the Lez faucet will stand out as a unique and stylish centerpiece for your newly designed bathroom. Choose between the classic Polished Chrome and the modern Matte Black finishes for a personalized addition.
Spectra Shower System

2. Showers & Tubs

If you’re looking to create an inviting spa-like space, then choosing the right shower/tub combination is key. Bathing sets the tone for our day, while also preparing us for a good night's rest in the evening, so it’s important to consider which features matter most before making that final decision.

Spectra Filtered Shower System

With health and wellness at top of mind for most when redesigning their bathroom, the Spectra Filtered Hand Shower System is a great selection for modern design and functionality. Featuring a state-of-the-art filtration system to reduce up to 50% of chlorine in your shower water, this allows for a much more enjoyable bathing experience while also helping keep your skin and hair healthy. 
 Studio S Freestanding Soaking Tub

Pair Spectra with the Studio S Freestanding Soaking Tub for a relaxing retreat right in the comfort of your own home. Spaciously designed for deep soaking comfort, the Studio S Tub is sure to bring peaceful beauty to any bathroom. It also features a center drain to allow for a relaxing soak from either end.
Champion Toilet Collection

3. Toilets

Believe it or not, toilets are one of the most important fixtures in any bathroom. Not only do they provide an essential function, but they can also be an attractive piece of furniture that adds style and comfort to your space. Although the size, shape and style are important considerations, it’s also key to take into account the technological advancements in recent years that have completely transformed what we know to be the traditional toilet:

Champion Toilet Collection

The Champion Toilet Collection features superior flushing performance for a virtually clog-free toilet. Equipped with the industry’s largest 4-inch flush valve and extra wide trapway, Champion Toilets eliminate waste quickly with no clogging areas. This innovative collection is sure to provide you with the style, functionality and reliability you’ll need in transforming your bathroom space.

VorMax Toilet Collection

Another innovative toilet collection that has completely reinvented the flush is the VorMax Toilet Collection. Traditional toilets feature rim holes around the inside of the bowl that deliver water during a flush cycle. However, by removing this feature and replacing it with one powerful jet of water that scrubs the entire bowl’s surface, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your toilet will be fully clean the first-flush-around.
Studio S Low-Profile Toilet

Studio S Toilets

If you’re on the market for a modern toilet option, the Studio S Skirted Toilet and the Studio S Low-Profile Toilet both feature a minimalist design for the perfect toilet refresh. Equipped with a concealed trapway, these toilet options have an integrated, skirted base, providing a sleeker, cleaner aesthetic. They are also much easier to clean than traditional models as the surface eliminates those hard-to-reach curves and crevices where dirt hides. 
Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet Bidet toilet

4. Bidets

If you’re looking to elevate your current bathroom experience, an American Standard SpaLet Bidet is the perfect selection. Not only do these bidet seats and full toilets allow you to enjoy enhanced hygiene and personal comfort, but this refreshing technology is easy to use and available in several models to exceed your cleansing preferences. 

The SpaLet Bidet Toilet Seats are a great choice for those looking to enhance their current toilet as they fit most conventional elongated toilet models. Equipped with an intuitive remote control, you can enjoy all of the cleansing and comfort features, from a heated seat, to the water massage.
spalet bidet close up

For a full upgrade, the Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet Bidet combines the cleansing of a bidet with the sleek lines of a modern, auto-flush toilet. Featuring dual nozzles that direct a soothing stream of warm water to both front and rear areas, it delivers a uniquely refreshing experience with modern technology and style.

There is nothing better than a bathroom that makes you feel good, and fixtures play an important role in achieving this. The above are just a small starting point for your remodeling project, but be sure to browse different modern bathroom collections to find the products that work best for you and your space.

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