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When you think of function in your home, the kitchen should be the area that comes to the top of your mind. Having a functional kitchen space can completely change the way that your family utilizes it. It can also increase your overall well-being when you have an area that you enjoy cooking and preparing meals in. I wanted to go through some of the top functional designs that I have included in my kitchen that have entirely changed how my family and I use the space.

American Standard has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own, plus I really do love creating functional and beautiful spaces!

Think About Fixtures

1. When you think of your kitchen, what is the most used fixture? For me, that would definitely be the sink and faucet! Hands down, the faucet is turned on more than the stove or dishwasher and even gets used more than the fridge; just think about the number of times the kids open it when looking for that magical treat to suddenly appear.

Having a great faucet is essential. Not all faucets are created equal. Invest in the right faucet, and it will give back to you in both beauty and longevity. American Standard has always been a leader in providing solutions for better living and increased well-being, which is the main reason why I’ve always loved their products. Check out the incredible lineup of faucets from American Standard that I am currently obsessing over:
Saybrook Faucet

Say hello to the Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet from American Standard. Environmentally friendly, the Saybrook Faucet puts filtered water at your fingertips, eliminating reliance on plastic water bottles, heavy 5-gallon jugs, and bulky external filters. You can now enjoy the confidence of knowing your tap water is clean and safe to drink for you and your family as this faucet reduces 99.7% of lead, 96.9% of chlorine, and 92.6% of class I particulates from your tap water at the simple touch of a button. It is also so incredibly easy to switch between filtered water and ordinary water, all you have to do is push the button on the spray head for filtered water or use the lever handle for regular tap water!
Beale Kitchen Faucet

If you are in the market for a hands-free faucet, American Standard has you covered! The Beale Kitchen Faucet with Hands-Free Technology was thoughtfully engineered and beautifully designed to help you perform all of your kitchen tasks efficiently and effectively. The selectronic hands-free sensor allows you to operate the faucet without touching, and easily changes to manual mode when desired with a sliding sensor door. This means no false starts or germ spreading!

You cannot go wrong with purchasing either of these kitchen faucets to help achieve the functional kitchen of your dreams!

A Work Triangle Space

2. Creating an excellent work triangle space is KEY for the kitchen! Designing the proper distance between your refrigerator, sink, and cooktop will allow you to be that much more efficient in the kitchen. Having a small or even large kitchen both present challenges in creating an ideal work triangle space. When you have a large kitchen, it’s easy to place appliances far apart, however this can often lead to a messy, unorganized and hectic space. Think about it, if you have to take ten steps to get from the stove to the sink, how much can possibly get spilled or dropped along the way? Also, having a small kitchen can cause the sink and stove to feel as though they are stacked on top of each other. Taking the time to think about how you move within the space will help you create the ultimate functional work triangle. In my kitchen, I chose to have a double built-in oven that is separate from the actual cooktop. This also makes things easier when preparing large meals, by having the space be separate. Somebody can be at the cooktop, while somebody deals with items in the oven, without making people shift and move too much around the area.
Drawers Over Doors

Drawers Over Doors

3. Another favourite feature of mine is to include more drawers over doors into my kitchen design. Drawers create more usable space per square foot. They also allow easier access to the items within the drawer. The difference between a set of doors and a drawer is that when you open the door, you have to get down to that certain level and look for the items that are located way in the back. Compared to a drawer that opens and allows you to quickly look down on all of your stored belongings.
recycle drawer

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

4. Another feature that I was adamant about having in the kitchen was a designated space for recycling. Underneath a built-in bench, I included three drawers that are only meant for paper, plastic and cardboard. You would be surprised how fast these drawers fill up. Not only is it a great function, but it is also better for the environment as it encourages everyone in the household to recycle items in their appropriate places.
The Perfect Pantry

The Perfect Pantry

5. Unless you have a galley kitchen, every kitchen is going to have a corner. Deborah and I both believe that the best use of a corner space in the kitchen is for the use of a pantry. Even with all of the fancy kitchen pull-outs that are now available, you will still get the most use out of the corner by turning it into a full pantry. This will allow you to utilize all spaces of the kitchen, while also keeping things organized and readily accessible.

A Space-Saving Solution

6. A feature of my kitchen that I absolutely love, that was actually discovered by accident, is the extra-large overhang on my kitchen island. Initially, I was planning on leaving room in the case that I would want to add more cabinets to the backside of the island. However, at the time of building my home, I couldn’t find enough room in my budget to allocate to the extra kitchen cabinets. After living with the large overhang, I have come to absolutely love it as there is now plenty of space for my stools to be fully tucked away. A perfect space-saving solution and easy way to entertain.
Make Room for the Broom

Make Room for the Broom

7. The last space that I would recommend including in your kitchen if space permits, is a broom closet. Most people often assume that they will be able to store brooms and cleaning supplies in the pantry. However, the broom and vacuum are quite dirty themselves! This is why I have created a separate closet for my vacuum, broom, mop, and a ledge with plug-ins for device charging. This has become one of my favourite spaces in the home because so much gets tucked away, keeping the kitchen space safe and hygienic.

I hope that you have discovered useful tips for creating a functional kitchen space! I would love to hear from you! What items and strategies have allowed YOU to make the most out of your kitchen space?

Brittany Hislop is an interior design and lifestyle blogger who focuses on minimalist, farmhouse living. Brittany runs the blog Vintage Society Co. alongside  Deborah McDonald. On the blog, you can find home decor tips, easy family favourite recipes, business advice, and more! 

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