Spectra+ Shower Head

Spectra+ features great innovations in showering, such as our Spectra+ eTouch shower head, with a remote control that makes it easy to switch between spray patterns. The Spectra+ Duo shower head offers 2-in-1 showering for convenience that can't be beat. Explore the Spectra+ collection and change the way you think about showering.

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Spectra+ Hand Shower
Spectra+ Rain Shower Head

Technology and Flexibility for Showering Perfection 

Spectra+ Duo Shower Head
Spectra+ Duo Shower Head

Spectra+ Collection 

The full Spectra+ Shower Portfolio offers flexibility along with total control. Our advanced technology and innovative designs make showering easier and more enjoyable throughout all of life’s stages. The Spectra+ Collection provides an ideal showering experience that will accommodate every member of the family. 


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