Learn More About the Flash Shower Rough-In Valves

Smaller Valve Body

When you find yourself in small cavities, you’ll appreciate our smaller valve body. Built to fit tighter spaces, it also features a flat back that allows the valve to be mounted flush with the cross brace.


Simple to Use Rough-in Guide


Clearly marked dimensions and guides help you get the job done in no time.

  • Clear installation markings accommodate standard and thin wall installations.
  • Self-aligning screw holes eliminates fishing to find the screw holes
  • Self-centering hole guides centers valve in hole opening of thin wall installations 
  • Clear rough-in guide ensures you install the valve at the perfect depth every time and with ease



Freedom of Choice - Connections That Save Time & Effort

With the Flash Shower Rough-In Valve, you’ll find more ways to get the job done faster, including some connections that are available nowhere else.