How The Studio® S Collection Will Have You
Winning in the Bathroom

It’s all about the small wins in life, and in one of the smallest spaces of your home, little victories can feel huge. From easy to clean fixtures to modern silhouettes, American Standard’s Studio S Bathroom Collection has a list of must-have features that will take your bathroom to the next level. Check out some of our favourite ways that the Studio S Collection will have you winning in the bathroom.
studio s matte black fittings

Stand Out With Bold Fixtures

Matte black finishes have quickly become the hottest bathroom design trend in recent years. Paired with neutral tones, these moody fixtures make for the perfect modern bathroom space. The Studio S Bathroom Collection offers faucets and accessories in a sleek Matte Black finish that not only creates a bold statement, but is durable enough to last for years to come. For a quick but modern refresh, consider the Studio S Towel Ring, Studio S Toilet Paper Holder, and Studio S Double Robe Hook as small details can help achieve the feeling of a big bathroom update. 
studio s sleek tankless toilet

Put Down The Gloves And Sponge

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys cleaning toilets. With the Studio S Right Height Low Profile Toilet, cleaning your toilet is so effortless that it’s almost enjoyable! Featuring a concealed trapway that eliminates tiny, dirt collecting crevices around the bowl, you can clean the exterior of the toilet with just one quick swipe. If that wasn’t enough, the Studio S toilets are equipped with our EverClean Surface - a double-coated surface that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew - and a PowerWash® rim that scrubs the bowl clean with each flush. Less cleaning = more winning.
matte black shower system

Self Care Sunday, Everyday

Practising self care should not be limited to one day per week, and with American Standard’s Studio S Rain Showerhead, you can have all of the relaxing benefits of a spa in your own home year-round. The Rain Showerhead’s generous 8” diameter provides a full coverage, drenching spray for ultimate muscle relaxation, decongestion, skin detoxification, and refreshing hydration. By upgrading your shower to the Studio S Collection, you can transform a rushed routine into a daily self-care session.
studio s versatile faucets

Designed With Versatility

Shopping for new fixtures with a laundry list of needs and preferences can be difficult especially as you start to wish you could combine elements of every piece you see. From spout to finish, the Studio S Bathroom Collection offers variations of styles so that your bathroom can be designed to your liking - major win. Choose between High Spout or Low Spout and Single-Hole or Widespread Bathroom Faucets, 24” or 33” Vanities, Matte Black or Polished Chrome finishes, and so much more for a customised space that expresses your personal style.
studio s full suite solution

A Full Suite Solution

The biggest win of all that the Studio S Bathroom Collection offers is its ability to condense endless design choices into one simple decision. As a full suite solution, American Standard has eliminated the guesswork of pairing fixtures by creating a collection of faucets, sinks, vanities, shower fixtures, bathtubs, and more, that perfectly complement one another. By choosing the Studio S Collection, the rest of your decisions are made efficiently and effectively so that you can enjoy the planning process with minimal stress.



Get ready to win big! Learn more about American Standard’s Studio S Bathroom Collection. 

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