American Standard Celebrates 15 Decades of Design with DXV

May 13, 2015

LAS VEGAS, HD EXPO (May 13, 2015) — DXV by American Standard is a flagship luxury bathroom and kitchen brand that celebrates and draws on the storied plumbing company’s rich history, now in its 15th decade.

Available exclusively in showrooms, the DXV portfolio launched in the Spring 2014 with more than 70 unique product and style offerings curated in a revelatory manner.

“American Standard has always been an active participant in the ongoing development of product aesthetics and design,” said Margaret Monteleone, director of luxury product marketing for American Standard. “In an expression of our true heritage, we have taken the most influential design movements since our founding in 1872 and used them as a framework around which to organize the DXV portfolio of products.”

DXV by American Standard comprises a premium selection of meticulously crafted fixture and faucet collections curated into four broad movements: Classic (1880 – 1920), Golden Era (1920 – 1950), Modern (1950 – 1990), and Contemporary (1990 – today).

Each of these movements contains one or two bathroom fixture suites — tubs, toilets, sinks, and lavatories — and complementary faucet collections that reimagine and reinterpret historically significant designs.

More than reproductions, these exquisite products blend the artisanal character of the past with the aesthetic and performance sensibilities of today. At its launch in 2014, the DXV portfolio ― which will continue to grow and evolve ― also included a collection of kitchen sinks and fittings, as well as the AT Series, an advanced smart toilet and bidet seat that combine outstanding contemporary design with state-of-the-art technology.

“Fixtures are the cornerstone of the DXV brand,” Monteleone noted. “Faucets are the complementary element. They add variety and nuance, or contrast and complexity to the ensemble, just as accessories do to a suit or dress.

“And like fashion, fixtures and faucets from different movements, collections and sources can be combined to create excitingly personal spaces in which timeless designs from disparate eras fall into an aesthetically stimulating dialogue,” Monteleone continued. 

Decade 15
In a unique move, DXV established an online and print community for designers, architects and creative individuals to discuss their experience with the products in the real world and spark inspiration among their peers. To start the conversation, DXV collaborated with an inaugural group of six well-established designers — all influential bloggers — to create six highly individual spaces drawing on the DXV portfolio of products.

The designers have been blogging about their projects, which have been published in Decade 15 print magazine as well as on the DXV website. They are not only sharing information, insights and inspirations generated by using the various DXV collections, but are also engaging in dynamic two-way conversations with other professionals and interested consumers about the larger universe of good, beautiful design and how DXV’s philosophy and aesthetics fit into it.

DXV by American Standard is available through an exclusive network of American Standard showrooms and dealers across North America. For more information, visit or call (800) 227-2734.

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