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2014 Global Sanitation Report

Our goal: to touch 20 million lives with improved sanitation by the year 2020.

When I traveled to South Asia last year, I experienced a side of the world that most Americans rarely encounter. Daily aspects of life that we take for granted are constant struggles there. The amount of poverty is overwhelming and heartbreaking. Items regularly used here in North America are considered an extravagance for the many residents just hoping to survive the day. Among these are toilets, and any other sanitary way to go to the bathroom.

Developing countries — particularly those in South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Oceania — seriously lack adequate sanitation facilities. People are often forced to use non-hygienic open pit latrines, or worse yet, defecate in the open, wherever they may happen to be.

Please take a moment to download a copy of the 2014 Global Sanitation Report; read about the gravity of the global sanitation crisis and ongoing efforts to alleviate it. We hope that you are inspired to help. Discuss the topic with your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Although the topic of toilets and defecation is often considered taboo, it affects every person on the planet and warrants serious discussion and action. The bathroom symbolizes the most fundamental aspect of the human condition. At our deepest roots, it’s the one thing all humans share.


Jay Gould
President and CEO
American Standard Brands

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